Setting Up Parental Controls on a Mac

If you use your Mac in a home environment, or want to allow your kids to use your Mac without the scare of them messing with your own data and account, there are a few steps to ensure safe and appropriate use by everyone. And the nice part is that it's all built-in to your beautiful Mac OS. No third-party software required.

Meal Planning, Geeked Out

I used to sit down every weekend and plan the meals for the week and get my grocery shopping list together. I would spend way too much time browsing recipe books and trying to be creative with the menu. The fact was though that we weren't all that creative and ended up using the same handful of recipes over and over again. Most of us probably have a go-to set of meals we use and re-use over and over. Every once in a while, we like to spice things up of course. When we like a meal, we want to remember that!

Give the Gift of Apps

If you're trying to be more thoughtful than a generic iTunes gift card, learn how to "gift" an app to someone through your phone or iTunes... In order to gift apps using either of the following two methods, you must have your own Apple ID and the email address of the person you are sending the gift too.

Gift Apps Using an iOS Device

iOS Screenshots

Performing a Traceroute on a Mac

Open up the Terminal application from under /Applications/Utilities/.

In the new terminal window, type the following command: “traceroute -n”. (remember to replace with your actual domain name).

Make sure to let the traceroute finish completely; it can sometimes take several minutes.

You should see something similar to the following when it finishes: