Evidence as to Why We Need to do a Better Job of Capturing Partial/Incomplete Attendee and Exhibitor Registrations

When we work with clients on managing event registration, the work often entails building online registration systems at a fraction of the cost of association management systems (AMS). The long-term use of these systems over years, for multiple events, with less annual fees is desirable for many organizations. An often untouched bonus to online systems is that they capture partial or incomplete registrations, allowing us to design follow-up drip marketing aimed particularly at dropped registrations. This is an interested, captive audience that for some unknown reason, didn't complete the process. However, organizations fail to take a crucial step in actively following up with those partial submissions.

Need proof as to why following up is so critical? We pulled together just a few of the many startling marketing facts...

If you follow up with web leads within 5 minutes, you're 9 times more likely to convert them.Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months.

14% of marketers plan to integrate marketing automation with their events and only 7% currently do.

Lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rate compared to standalone email blasts.Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%. 

A study done by the Association of Sales Executives revealed that 81% of all sales happen on or after the fifth contact. 

Based on the above statistics, it is apparent that we need to capture our potential attendees, do more follow-ups, and have more personalized automation. We can help.

For our clients, we use a variety of third party webform/registration tools and have experience with both in-house and association management systems. We know your association or organization isn't a cookie cutter and we don't provide cookie cutter services. It is important to us first and foremost that you have a process that works for you and that your members/attendees have a process they will use.