Whatever Your Reminder Style, Alarmed Works For You!

AlarmedThere are some apps I have used since the first days of the App Store, since the early iterations of the iPhone. Alarmed is one of them!

This alarm/reminders app has the basic necessities of the default Clock app Apple provides, then it explodes behind the scenes with a flurry of features

Want to be reminded each week or each day to do something? Easy. Want it to repeat each weekday? Okay. Need it to repeat every three days? Fine! Nothing brilliant about that.

What if you need to repeat something every four hours around the clock? lt can do that. What if you want it to repeat something every four hours but only for a span of 16 hours? Or only every four hours, and only repeat it three more times that day? And make the next alarm come four hours after the first? Or four hours after you actually DO it? DONE DONE DONE AND DONE.

Who is going to get super excited about an app for setting alarms and reminders? Really? Who? Well, I'm writing this and you're reading it. So there's at least two of us...

Real world use cases....

MONTHLY REMINDERS. Setup a "Bills" category and set reminders to go off every month when a bill is due. When the alarm goes off, if you aren't ready to pay that bill right then and there, you can snooze it. And you can customize the snooze. Maybe you know setting it up that a four-hour snooze is ideal in that situation. It's not urgent, and if you're not home you might be four hours later. Or maybe the next day.

Alarmed Screen Image. Credit: Apple App StoreDAILY NAGGING REMINDERS. You can use many daily naggings in this example, such as "get up and stretch", "drink water", or "take medication". All are great examples and can get used the same way. We'll use "drink water". I can create an alarm that starts at 8:00 AM every weekday reminding me to "drink water". The alarm can be set to nag me (seriously, the setting is called "Nag-Me") every minute, every 5 minutes, every 15, etc... until I actually complete the task (or you can turn this off if you're one of those diligent people that actually listen and respond to the hundred alarms on your phone). I can setup an actionable snooze for this specific alarm in various snooze intervals - even completely customizable if you have a weird affinity to 21 minutes instead of 20 minutes). Then I can turn the BEAST MODE on - DayMinder. This section is where the power of Alarmed is at its mightiest. With DayMinder on, I can have the reminder go off every X hours (whatever number I want), and I can have it do that either a certain number of times or for a certain duration of the day. So maybe I want to be sure I drink 4 of my large water bottles each day. I can setup Alarmed's DayMinder to remind me every three hours, for four times that day. Then I can set the auto-complete to on or off... Basically, should the next task in this series be generated based on the previous alarm, or on the previous completion time? So if time between "events" is critical (such as taking a medication four hours apart), you set auto-complete to OFF. If you just need a general spacing between times you drink water or stretch, you can set autocomplete to ON.

Can you IMAGINE the possibilities with this? It makes you want to automate your life right? Think Pavlov and the dogs. Maybe there's a habit you really want to stick to. Setup an alarm/reminder for yourself with a very particular tone. They even have one that speaks, "DO IT NOW!" And you should! Do it now - download this app!

One of the super-sweet bonus features of this app that I have not had the privilege of using yet (my iPhone is a release behind) is the Notes section of each alarm/reminder. It's quite useful in that it can be turned into a checklist. So now you have a reminder on a checklist. That gives me chills!!!

Need more features? I don't even use these in this app (but probably should!) but wanted you to know they exist: pre-alarm alarms (?!), Location-based reminders, importing from Reminders (so you can use Siri and it will flow into Alarmed!), and timers (up and down, just like in Apple's Clock app).

Alarmed ~ Reminders + Timers by Yoctoville

Other apps I use for various reminders/alarms (yes, I use more than one): Apple's Clock and Reminders apps, Any.do, HomeRoutine (for household chore management). I have an entire suite of other apps I use for more extensive task/project management. Another post for another day! And I can never let an app list be done without mentioning the ever-favorite of mine, Evernote (which has reminders and checklists built-in too!).