Meeting Planning

Sample Webinar Roles & Expectations

Last extensive update: June 23, 2020, 8:30am




Following are the roles to consider when hosting a virtual event - from meetings to webinars to conferences. The needs of each type of event will vary and the size of the audience and engagement tools also make a difference. This list of roles may be filled by one person wearing many hats, or by many individuals. 

Tips for a Successful Virtual Presentation



  • Is this webinar better live, or pre-recorded with the speaker then engaged in a chat room and Q&A?
  • How long is the presentation? Could it be shortened/condensed, split into multiple, chunked sessions, and/or include some pre/post work?
    • Consider this cycle when crafting a virtual education outline:
      • meet - teach - Q&A
      • apply, transfer
      • meet - teach - Q&A
      • also consider discussions, debriefings, reflections, etc.

Evidence as to Why We Need to do a Better Job of Capturing Partial/Incomplete Attendee and Exhibitor Registrations

When we work with clients on managing event registration, the work often entails building online registration systems at a fraction of the cost of association management systems (AMS). The long-term use of these systems over years, for multiple events, with less annual fees is desirable for many organizations. An often untouched bonus to online systems is that they capture partial or incomplete registrations, allowing us to design follow-up drip marketing aimed particularly at dropped registrations.

Meal Planning, Geeked Out

I used to sit down every weekend and plan the meals for the week and get my grocery shopping list together. I would spend way too much time browsing recipe books and trying to be creative with the menu. The fact was though that we weren't all that creative and ended up using the same handful of recipes over and over again. Most of us probably have a go-to set of meals we use and re-use over and over. Every once in a while, we like to spice things up of course. When we like a meal, we want to remember that!