Evidence as to Why We Need to do a Better Job of Capturing Partial/Incomplete Attendee and Exhibitor Registrations

When we work with clients on managing event registration, the work often entails building online registration systems at a fraction of the cost of association management systems (AMS). The long-term use of these systems over years, for multiple events, with less annual fees is desirable for many organizations. An often untouched bonus to online systems is that they capture partial or incomplete registrations, allowing us to design follow-up drip marketing aimed particularly at dropped registrations.

Performing a Traceroute on a Mac

Open up the Terminal application from under /Applications/Utilities/.

In the new terminal window, type the following command: “traceroute -n”. (remember to replace with your actual domain name).

Make sure to let the traceroute finish completely; it can sometimes take several minutes.

You should see something similar to the following when it finishes: