Meeting Planning

We have over 15 years of managing and facilitating events for a wide variety of audiences, in a plethora of venues, and ranging from 10-1,000 attendees. Our experiences run the gammut of event management and meeting planning. We support scheduling, education session planning, registration from start to finish, session facilitiation, food and beverage arrnagements, audiovisual and technology needs, and more. We enjoy taking the event information and owning it. We are extremely detail-oriented and our goal outcome for each event we assist with is that we seamlessly blend in with your existing team and provide a pain-free experience for you, attendees, and all stakeholders.

When it comes to managing all of the information related to a conference, meeting planners have quite a task on their hands. Between the files, contacts, schedules, vendors, sessions, sponsors, food and beverage, audiovisual needs and more, there's massive amounts of content to control, mobilize, and use efficiently. It shouldn't be rocket science and it shouldn't break the bank.

So Four Points Consulting created a simple, meeting-planner-focused convention and event planning website that allows you to bring the main elements of planning together and more easily get what you need from vendors, keep everyone on the same page, and work quickly with the information you enter. MyConvention.Online is an online portal that can replace your onsite binder you keep lugging around. It works with you and for you. It becomes your go-to place for all of your onsite convention information. We are launching soon, and looking for a few more beta-testers (contact us!) right now. If you would like us to contact you when the website is released, please drop us a line.

We are proud to also partner with Event Garde on major conventions and exhibit shows each year. We work closely with them on client services and look forward to providing a well-rounded convention and association support team to complement you and your staff.