Event Registration

There are a plethora of online event registration options available, and if you are not offering one for your members or clients, you're missing out on instantly capturing interested potential attendees. Not only does online registration expedite and simplify the member/attendee process, it often streamlines the workflow of the office staff.

Are you offering a cumbersome method, or feeling forced to use one that matches your in-house membership management system, but it's leaving your attendees and staff flustered? There are plenty of options that allow easier registration and a variety of import options into your final member database.


While offering both paper and online registration options helps interested attendees register in a way that suits them, it is important to construct procedures for registration staff on properly handling both. Paper registrations still need to be entered carefully into the master system, and online registrations still need to be reviewed for accuracy and data integrity (you know you'll always have a handful that type in all capital letters, or all lowercase letters). Both offline and online registrations require membership verification, unless you're using your membership system with a login or checks and balances feature. Online registrations can save internal staff a lot of data entry time, just don't ignore that data integrity piece.

We can help! When we handle event registration for our clients, we take great care and consideration with the information we have access to. We know the outgoing data needs to be pristine for the final database, event directories, namebadges, and education credits.

Some organizations choose to hold off on processing payments online due to the fees associated with some online card authorizations. In today's world, we feel strongly that if you can capture the money upfront, you will have less headache later. If someone is willing to put the money up and register, we should not stand in their way. Collecting fees online with a registration puts your organization in a positive position when it comes to cancellations, substitutions and other decisions down the road that could impact someone paying their amount due. 

We can help! We have found cost effective methods to integrating online registrations and payments with websites while keeping overhead fees to a minimum.

An often untouched bonus to online systems is that they capture partial or incomplete registrations, allowing us to design follow-up drip marketing aimed particularly at dropped registrations. This is an interested, captive audience that for some unknown reason, didn't complete the process. Need proof as to why following up is so critical? Scroll down a bit further for some starteling marketing facts.

We use a variety of third party tools and have experience with in-house and association management systems. We know your association or organization isn't a cookie cutter and we don't provide cookie cutter services. It's important to us first and foremost that you have a process that works for you and that your members/attendees have a process they will use.