We Are Not Your Typical IT People

Whether you feel you are tech-savvy or technology conversations make you want to bury your head, at the end of the day, we use it and we need it.

Technology should be useful and functional for both personal and work. It should integrate, collaborate, be efficient and effective. It should be easy. In a work environment, technology should provide as much function, if not more, than an entry-level employee. 

If your technology doesn't do all of that, it needs our help!

Our team's breadth of skills in technology and significant experience in associations allow us to understand what organizations need, build the necessary tools, create understanding and buy-in from staff, and produce efficient and effective workflows.

We provide extensive support for Mac computers (home and office), iOS devices, and all peripheral devices. We provide additional technology services such as website hosting, email support (we are an authorized Google Apps / G Suite reseller), software support, data management (with extensive knowledge of Excel and FileMaker), and more. If you have ANY technology issue, wish, struggle, or question, we are happy to talk. Contact us today!